This project...
 ... is the result of a collective process. Groups from the «anti-globalization» movement as well as artists, artisans, and activists, young and old, took up the initiative of the artist Pino Scuro and bring their own experiences and ideas to the realization of the installations. To create a structure to put the project in place, a group called «The Association for Applied Geometry» was created on May 1st, 2002. This association will continue its activities afterwards to support and realize similar projects. Bern's anti-WTO Coordination, which was founded in 1997 during the mobilizations against the ministerial conference of the WTO, has since organized a large number of gatherings for information exchange and discussion, protests, and actions against the WEF and the WTO.

Pino Scuro, an artist who grew up in Genoa and has lived for many years in Switzerland, made the installations. Newly returned to the Ligurian capital as a photographer, accompanied by his 18-year-old son, he found his hometown under military occupation. Numerous artists and activists from Switzerland, Italy, Germany, Austria, the UK and the USA have also helped with the development and realization of this project.

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