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  Pino Scuro   1952: Born in the South of Italy (Cosenza)

1972: Studied in the Ligurian Academy of Fine Arts in Genoa, first series of etchings and first award

1976: Collaborated with theater groups in Cosenza, costume creation, exhibition in Spezzano Sila, several pictures in private collections

November 1976: Lived in Paris. Attended the Academy in Rue de Bonaparte: studied anatomy and Michelangelo's Sistine Chapel, several drawings in private collections

March 1977: Return from Paris to Genoa, successful exhibition in Genoa

1977: Travelled to Crete, stayed there until May 1978, worked with «Agiographos» (painter of icons and frescoes) in Kantanos, southern Crete. Several pictures in private collections in Kastelli and Athens

1978 in Basel: Several collaborative exhibitions

1981: Activity as a journalist and graphic artist in Bern

1983: Exhibition in the Church Community Center of St. Paul, Bern

1984: Collaborative exhibition in the Old Slaughterhouse (pictures and readings of his own poems)

1986: Leading actor in Nicola Geiser's multimedia theatre "Surexil" (critical reviews in "Federation" and "BZ", work on different pictures on the theme of "insanity". Several pictures in various private collections

1990: Long journey through Europe, stay in England (Nottingham). Series of geometrical pictures and elaboration of new concepts: several works in reference to bringing space into an ideal tension. Apart from their own physical-spatial identity, these works form a cohesive whole. The search for the «Golden Mean» between the viewer and the work, extending the field of perception by the inclusion of real space.

1998 in Bern: Work on various series of experimental color drawings, exploring the formal possibilities of drawing and color, seeking to discover a new type of «expressionism».

2000/2001: Pictures and collages using digital media

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