«The Association for Applied Geometry»
  The «Association for Applied Geometry» was founded on May 1st 2002 to promote the project, «Le Geometrie della Memoria». After this project, the Association will stay active to support other similar projects. According to its founding documents, «The Association for Applied Geometry aims to present burning social questions to the public. Through different projects, the members of the Association are critically addressing social and political themes, and transposing their contents into artistic creations that, through exhibition or action, target large sectors of the population. By making these questions visible, questions that can be fundamental or tied to specific events, we will motivate the public to critically and consciously address its own living conditions and more general social themes».

The Association's central committee is composed of people who are experienced in the realization of large projects that are rich in content. One example has been the Intercontinental Caravan of 500 Indian peasants. In the summer of 1999, this caravan circulated through Europe to sensitize European public opinion to the daily deterioration of the living conditions of numerous people in the global South, and to provoke fundamental dicussions on the repercussions of the globalized economy. (Interested people can obtain an evaluation brochure on this project from the Association for Applied Geometry.)

Furthermore, different people within the committee are engaged in the conception and realization of the series of events known as «Perspectives after Davos,» which was jointly organized by the Bern Anti-WTO Coordination; ATTAC Bern; and the Working Group for Ecumenicism, Mission, and Development of the Reformed churches of the Bern-Jura (OeME). This series hosted more than thirty events, which were very varied (round-table discussions, general public assemblies, protests...) and mostly well attended, addressing a large spectrum of themes.

Since, in the series of events mentioned above, the priority has been given to information in itself, in the current project, «Le Geometrie della Memoria», it is necessary to go further, and to make the multidisciplinary nature of the project concrete in a way that does not stop at the purely intellectual level. Through confrontation with artistic creation and through the events of the program, the global project should become, for the public, an experience in which it is possible to involve oneself actively: a consciousness-raising experience.

The financing of the Association is linked to the projects: all contributions and offers are at all times directly connected to the project in course. The committee works on a volunteer basis, unless its members engage in specific tasks within a project that have been budgeted for by the project.

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