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 ... that make up «le Geometrie della Memoria» bring forth evidence of the ambivalences and contradictions of a West that burgeons with tools to establish its «democratic» paradigms, while destroying them at the same time. This paradox was clearly brought to light in Genoa in 2001: the ministers of the seven most industrialized powers, with the addition of Russia, met under the pretext of making the world a better place. But to do this, they did not hesitate to set in motion a repressive machine of military and police force, which culminated in the murder of one young demonstrator.

(Perhaps the starkest example of the group hysteria that gripped the police was the midnight raid that left the blood of sleeping activists spattered across the walls of the Diaz school. Other Genoa activists, Maria Jose Olivastri and Susanne Bendotti, were killed before and after the summit, although their deaths are not attributed to police. If we include the «clandestini», migrants deported because of Italy’s backlash raids, after the summit, or the people around the world who died of war and privation because of the G8 leaders, Genoa’s casualties become innumerable.)
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