«Reflections on the G8 summit in Genoa»linkbreak
An artistic and political project, «le Geometrie della Memoria» (the geometries of memory) was created in memory of the events that happened in Genoa in July 2001, which were too serious to be forgotten. The multimedia installation takes place across 1500 square meters of floor space and is full of large objects to stimulate all five senses. The objects that make up «le Geometrie della Memoria» aspire to recall, recount, and revive Genoa. Their dimension is proportional to the gravity and the enormity of what happened.

«le Geometrie della Memoria» is an artistic catalyst for the need to elaborate, once again, this experience, so as to find a new capacity for action. It calls us to gather our forces, our ideas, and our creativity. In Genoa, and therefore in «le Geometrie della Memoria», the structures and mechanisms of power were confronted with the creative energies of a widespread and multifaceted movement, a movement that knows that another world is both possible and necessary.

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