The setting for the exhibition ...
 ... was not picked at random. The Great Hall is part of the Cultural Center and meeting point known as the Reitschule («Riding School»). For dozens of years, it has been a point of friction in Bern society. While the right-wing bourgeois circles fight to close the center, which they have considered the biggest «mark of shame» in the city since it was occupied in 1987, the Reitschule has been home to a culture that asks questions, that raises relevant political and social issues, that experiments, that intervenes politically. Since the occupation, the center has developed a network of multifaceted relationships, which can be brought to bear within the framework of the exhibition, offering multiple possibilities. «For us, culture implies all that which helps us to better perceive, understand, and change society and the world around us: culture is active and conscious confrontation with the conditions of our lives.» (Reitschule, 1992).

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